OpenMBIR is an open source project that develops model-based imaging algorithms for various applications. Model-based approaches to imaging combine the physics of data formation, the noise characteristics of the sensors and a probabilistic model for the object to formulate the image reconstruction problem. In several applications MBIR translates to minimizing a very high-dimensional cost-function which requires efficient algorithms.

In this page we have software for MBIR with a focus on micro and nano-scale imaging.


Our software is termed Tomography Environment for MBIR (TEMBIR).

TEMBIR-HAADF : GUI and command line tool for HAADF-STEM tomography. This can handle the missing wedge, low-SNR and missing calibration parameters associated with the HAADF measurement.

TEMBIR-BF : GUI and command line tool for BF-(S)TEM tomography that can account for Bragg scatter. This can also be very useful for low-dose tomography.

MBIR-Synchrotron : Command line tool for Synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography which accounts for rings and zingers. Code can run on a compute cluster.

Acknowledgement of Support
Air-Force Research Laboratory, UES Inc., Air-Force Office of Scientific Research